Why AgroSfer ?

Our end goal is to promote trade between african producers and local, regional/international agri-food companies. We do this through partnerships with agricultural stakeholders, supply chains transparency improvement and by helping agricultural stakeholders turn data into actionable insights.

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  • To become closer to producers
    leverage technology to improve the growth, development and yield of smallholder agricultural crops
  • To make fact-based, on-time decisions
    digitize field operations and help agricultural stakeholders turn data into actionable insights
  • To get a reliable source of produce
    implement best procurement practices and improve your supply chain transparency

Our Value Proposition

Our Services

Farm Management Service (FMS)
  1. Farm and Farmer Profiling to identify growers and understand who they are
  2. Crop Farming to improve farming standards and ensure sustainability
  3. Farmer education to send agronomic advices and warning alerts to farmers
Farm Management Service

Farm Management Service
Market Access Services (MAS)
  1. Market Information System for farmers to access prices and market updates for agricultural products
  2. MarketPlace to connect producers to crop buyers and create a complete supply chain for food
  3. Digital Payment onto growers’ mobile money accounts to avoid fraud & delayed payment

Supply Chain Services (SCS)
  1. Plan production and sourcing with real-time data on crop development
  2. Introduce standards to maintain compliance with regulations and food certification
  3. Introduce traceability to improve supply chain efficiency and transparency
Farm Management Service

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Carrefour Marina, Sikè-Codji, Cotonou

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+229 60 708 603

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